Engineering Journal of Satbayev University (EJSU)

EJSU is a bimonthly journal. It was founded in 1994 under the title Vestnik KazNRTU (ISSN 2709-4766 (Online), ISSN 2709-4758 (Print)).

Since 2022, the journal has changed its title to "Engineering Journal of Satbayev University" (ISSN 2959-2348 (Online)).

The journal publishes original and review papers in the field of mining, metallurgy and relevant issues. All necessary information about publishing in the EJSU journal you can find on our website. In addition, here is available archive of the journal since 2012 in Open Access.

ISSN 2959-2348 (Online)

Date and number of re-registration: No. KZ19VPY00056529-30.09.2022

Publisher: Satbayev University


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