of journal «Vestnik KazNRTU/SU»

The Editorial Board requires authors to be guided by the following rules when preparing articles for publication in the Journal.
Journal has accepted manuscripts for publication in Kazakh, Russian, and English. Journal publishes original papers in various fields of Fundamental and Applied researches that cover, but are not limited to, the following areas:

- physical and mathematical sciences;
- technical science;
- Earth sciences;
- chemical and metallurgical sciences.

Frequency 6 per year.
The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject or accept articles for publication.

Authors need to register before submitting, or if you are already registered, you can simply log in with your account and begin the five-step submission process. 

The anti-plagiarism coefficient must be at least 75%. 
Then the manuscript is sent for blind peer-review.
The following requirements must be met:
The text of a paper must not exceed 15 pages including references, tables, figures, and abstracts. A short note must not exceed 5-6 pages (1500 words). The final electronic version of the manuscript sent from the account of the corresponding author on the Journal`s website. 
The file name must begin with the last name of the first author. All pages should be numbered. The article file must be submitted in .doc, .docx (MS WORD).

The text must be typed in 12 point letters, Times New Roman, 1.0.  Paper size А4.
Top margins - 2, bottom - 2, left - 3, right - 1.5.
Figures and tables should be clear and clean. Figures and tables should be referenced. 
The number of equations should be minimal. Equations have to be written using a special editor. Type of photos and pictures - png or jpg (for black and white and color 300 dpi). 

The text of the manuscript must contain the UDC code.
Then indicate the initials and surname of the author, organization, email of the corresponding author (shown *). Then the title of the article is written in capital letters. The main author is shown first.
The abstract must be at least 100 words and keywords at least 5-7 words without abbreviations.
Authors or authors team must submit original material. The authors or authors team should ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used the work and/or words of others, this has been appropriately cited or quoted. Plagiarism takes many forms, from ‘passing off’ another’s paper as the author’s own paper, to copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of another’s paper (without attribution), to claiming results from research conducted by others. Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is unacceptable.
Manuscript chapters: Introduction, Research methods, Results, Discussion, etc.
The author or authors team should indicate funding sources whenever possible.
References must be at least 10 sources. Recommendation: 50-70% - international sources (journals included in the Web of Knowledge, Springer, Elsevier databases), 30-50% - other scientific sources. 70% of the references should be presented by the most recent and relevant sources up to 5 years. The number of self-citation should not exceed 20% of the total number of references.

For example:

UDC or IRSTI 00.00.00

 A. Akhmetov*
organization or university, country
*е-mail: (corresponding author)


Abstract. at least 100 words.

Keywords: at least 5-7 words.

Article text (introduction, methods, results, discussion, etc.)

Funding sources (if possible)

References. at least 10 sources. 


References should be in Harvard style (if a manuscript is written in English). Link for example