Enhanced damping properties of novel Cr-Ni-V steels with ceramical-metal nanostucture TiN-Cu coatings


  • R.Zh. Abuovа International education corporation
  • А. Bondarev University of Limerick
  • G.А. Burshukova Satbayev University




nanostructure, damping, dislocation, microstructure, noise, vibration, sound level meter


The paper investigates novel steel compositions, alloyed with Cr, Ni, and V, exhibiting improved damping properties. Additionally, it proposes a surface coating method to further enhance damping capabilities. Furthermore, the study presents findings on structure and phase formation processes in (TiN)-Cu coatings, deposited via vacuum-arc deposition on EO5 steels substrates. The coating fracture exhibits signs of ductile fracture, accompanied by the formation of fibrous-banded pits on the fracture surface. Scratch tests reveal shear stresses are presumed to be the primary cause of delamination. With increased load, coatings primarily fail along the scratch edge, indicating significant involvement of compressive and tensile stresses. This behavior is attributed to the nanocomposite structure, which hinders crack propagation and allows to maintain ductility. TEM analysis reveals a nanocomposite structure, with electron diffraction confirming the presence of titanium nitride δ-TiN crystallites. No crystallographic texture is observed in the coatings. The coatings significantly influence the internal friction amplitude dependence characteristics. The intricate microstructure, including and internal interfaces, contributes to complex damping properties. Additional damping mechanisms occur at grain interfaces and at the coating-substrate boundary.Further damping mechanisms are incorporated at the interfaces of individual grains and particles and at the interphase interaction boundary in the coating-base system, in addition to the internal damping mechanisms that occur in the coating itself and the substrate independently.




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Abuovа R. ., Bondarev А. ., & Burshukova, G. . (2024). Enhanced damping properties of novel Cr-Ni-V steels with ceramical-metal nanostucture TiN-Cu coatings. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 146(1), 7–14. https://doi.org/10.51301/ejsu.2024.i1.02