The environmental impacts of railway transportation


  • M.H. Shalabayeva Kazakh University ways of Communications
  • A.K. Abuova Kazakh University ways of Communications



Railway transport, ecological problems, dangerous goods


Railway transport is one of the basic modes of transport and the economy as a whole for the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is this type of transport that ensures the transportation of a significant amount of dangerous goods of various properties. Failure to observe safety measures and precautions during their transportation may pose a threat to railway workers, the public, as well as to the environment. Transport safety is the highest priority of various parts of the railway transport. Safety depends on the synergistic interaction of many components of the transport process – the properties of the cargo, the technical condition of the rolling stock, the track and infrastructure of the railways, the qualifications of workers, the state of the environment, and the like. This article discusses the ecological problems in railway transport, their negative impact on the environment.



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Шалабаева, М. Х. ., & Абуова, А. . (2021). The environmental impacts of railway transportation. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 143(5), 115–122.



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