Calculation of prismatic forming cutters


  • A.Zh. Kassenov Toraigyrov University
  • A.V. Mazdubai Toraigyrov University
  • К.К. Abishev Toraigyrov University
  • R.B. Mukanov Toraigyrov University
  • A.Zh. Taskarina Toraigyrov University



prismatic forming cutter, graphical profiling, analytical profiling, projections, nodal points, calculation algorithm


A method for calculating prismatic forming cutters with a baseline is proposed. In contrast to the existing design methodology, depending on the shaped profile of the part, this technique systematizes the graphical calculation and allows you to apply a unified approach and easily automate the calculation. The purpose of developing a new calculation method is the possibility of automating and reducing the calculation time of prismatic shaped cutters with a baseline. A method of graphical and correctional analytical calculation of shaped incisors with a baseline has been developed. Graphic profiling of a prismatic shaped cutter consists of twelve stages. Correctional analytical profiling of a prismatic shaped cutter includes five steps. A feature of the proposed method for calculating shaped cutters with a baseline is the consistency and the possibility of automating calculations. Graphical profiling is simple, intuitive and easy to learn.



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Касенов, А. ., Маздубай, А. ., Абишев, К. ., Муканов, Р. ., & Таскарина, А. . (2021). Calculation of prismatic forming cutters. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 143(5), 149–156.



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