The prospect of converting Almaty power plants to natural gas


  • A.К. Khassenov LLP «Energy Partner»



environment, CHP, pollution, greenhouse gases, combined-cycle gas cycles


The article presents a broad analysis of the situation with air pollution and the impact of thermal power plants on the environment. The structure of fuel consumption is presented, as well as an analysis of the main sources of electrical and thermal energy in the framework of the study of the problem. The main sources of greenhouse gas generation, which include energy and road transport, are shown. In conclusion, an analysis of the situation when replacing Almaty CHP-1 and CHP-2 with natural gas is given. It is shown that it is most expedient to build thermal power plants running on gas with a modern combined cycle, combined cycle, which will provide electricity production with an efficiency of more than 50% and provide a fuel utilization factor in combined heat and electricity production of 80-85%. The article also discusses the issue of modernization of ATKE LLP, after which large boiler houses could generate electricity based on thermal consumption, despite the fact that they burn natural gas only for the needs of heat supply.



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Хасенов, А. (2021). The prospect of converting Almaty power plants to natural gas. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 143(6), 107–122.



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