Investigation of vibration and acoustic characteristics of iron-based alloys


  • G.А. Burshukova Satbayev University
  • R.Zh. Аbuova Satbayev University
  • А.Ye. Kanazhanov Satbayev University



alloys, coating, damping, impacts, noise, vibration.


The article is devoted to the actual problem of creating damping steels with a nanostructured coating. The object of research is the steels used for the manufacture of gears, rims, half-couplings, gears and generating noise that creates acoustic discomfort. The main idea of ​​the work is to assess the acoustic, vibration, physical-mechanical and damping properties of steels, to obtain steels with a nanostructured coating with increased damping properties, which reduce noise and vibration. During the work, the acoustic (sound level, sound pressure level) characteristics of the alloys were investigated. Based on the results of the work carried out, new damping metal materials based on iron have been developed.



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Буршукова , Г. . . . ., Абуова, Р. ., & Канажанов, А. . (2021). Investigation of vibration and acoustic characteristics of iron-based alloys. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 143(5), 96–107.



Chemistry and Metallurgy