About a comprehensive assessment of the state of filling material


  • Т. Mustafin Kazakh-British Technical University
  • B. Kulpeshov Kazakh-British Technical University
  • А. Zeinullin Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences
  • S. Mustafin Institute of Information and Computational Technologies
  • А. Toigozhinova Academy of Logistics and Transport




control, dynamic multivariable object, deviation, evaluation of changes in the state of filling materials


The work material relates to problems of selection and comparison of states of a dynamic object for complex monitoring of the state of laying by heterogeneous information and can be used in diagnostic and control systems of objects for prompt obtaining of reliable information on the state of a object.

The purpose of the work is to create a system for monitoring and controlling the processes of hardening of the filling material, which enables to make continuous remote monitoring and helps prepare and make short-term management decisions for the timely prevention of emergencies and their occurrence, consequences, reducing the cost of manufacturing and operating the system. It is noted that each filling material indicator separately determines the state of the array partially, only one side of its description, and cannot be a global assessment of the state of the entire object.



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Мустафин, Т., Кулпешов, Б., Зейнуллин, А., Мустафин, С., & Тойгожинова, А. (2021). About a comprehensive assessment of the state of filling material. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 143(6), 9–13. https://doi.org/10.51301/vest.su.2021.i6.02



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