Trends in improving the properties of wear-resistant chromium cast irons


  • A.M. Uskenbayeva Satbayev University
  • A.V. Panichkin Satbayev University
  • A.A. Mamaeva Satbayev University
  • A.K. Kenzhegulov Satbayev University
  • B.B. Kshibekova Satbayev University



cast iron, chromium, wear-resistant, carbides, microstructure


The article discusses various types of methods for increasing the wear resistance and performance characteristics of wear-resistant chromium cast irons associated with the processes of influencing the structure of the crystallizing metal by out-of-furnace treatment of the melt with micro-ligating and modifying elements.  Requirements are presented for the quality of these castings in terms of operational and service characteristics, which makes it necessary to improve their composition and production technology, since when operating wear-resistant chromium cast iron parts of machines operating under friction conditions, the main reason for their failure is wear.  The analysis of works to improve the methods of refining and modification of wear-resistant chromium cast iron is carried out. The need for further work to improve the methods of obtaining wear-resistant chromium cast irons is shown. The work is aimed at finding technologies for controlling the processes of forming the necessary microstructure of alloys through the choice of the optimal composition, refining, modification, the rate of crystallization of the cast structure. It was revealed that to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to structurally control melts of chromium wear-resistant cast iron, which can be carried out by optimizing alloying, modifying, and developing rational technological processes. And this requires research on the selection and calculation of alloying and modifying elements, as well as optimization of the pouring temperature.



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Ускенбаева, А. ., Паничкин, А. ., Мамаева A. ., Кенжегулов, А. ., & Кшибекова , Б. . (2022). Trends in improving the properties of wear-resistant chromium cast irons. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 144(1), 17–23.