Organization of quality control and product certification


  • D.I. Kusainov Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Metrology



management, quality, management, enterprises, products, control, certification, companies.


This article says that quality management is one of the key functions of both corporate and project management, the main means of achieving and maintaining the competitiveness of any enterprise. It is emphasized that product quality management is, in essence, a cross-cutting aspect of the enterprise management system - similar to such as time, costs, personnel management. It is this position that is at the heart of the fundamental principles underlying modern quality management systems. The article also touches upon aspects of the functioning of the quality system - this is the performance of the management and all departments of their functions and tasks in order to ensure the quality of products. This is the content side of the system's activity, that is, what it is intended for. In recent years, in world practice, much attention has been paid to in-house quality control of products, which is called total quality control. The product quality management system differs not only in each state, but also in the company. Its formation depends on the tasks facing the country or company, their specifics and practical experience. In Kazakhstan, attention to quality management is constantly increasing. At the same time, many managers still devote most of their work time to “momentary” problems, rather than planning quality from the very beginning.



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