Study of slow motions of the earth surface


  • M. Nurpeissova Satbayev University
  • К. Rysbekov Satbayev University
  • Е. Levin Michigan Technological University
  • K. Derbisov Satbayev University
  • Zh. Nukarbekova Satbayev University



copper ore deposits, geology, structure, tectonics, disturbance, fracturing of rocks, seismic exploration, geodetic network, geodetic surveys, satellite systems, electronic tacheometers, laser scanners.


Information about copper deposits of Kazakhstan, development of which is carried out in the Saryarka region, and its role in the development of the mining industry are considered in the article. Geological, structural and tectonic features of the deposits are presented. Research results on improvement methods of studying and geomechanical processes management in the development of mineral resources are presented.  It is shown that the problem of geomechanical processes management can be solved on the basis of a methodology for rock condition geomonitoring considered in this article, which provides comprehensive accounting and analysis of all-natural and technogenic factors, as well as use of control tools developed by the authors. The article presents technical solutions to ensure operational safety during the development of Saryarka region field reserves, which occur in difficult mining and geological conditions. Ore bodies of the deposit have different sizes and are located at different depths, therefore, seismic surveys are carried out. The geodetic network of provisional seismic surveys at the field has been substantiated. It is proposed to conduct surveys using modern geodetic instruments, such as satellite technologies, electronic, digital geodetic instruments. The geodetic survey methods proposed by the authors provide information on the bowels of the earth with a high degree of accuracy.




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Nurpeissova , M. ., Rysbekov К. ., Levin Е. . ., Derbisov , K. . . . . . . . . ., & Nukarbekova , Z. . . . (2021). Study of slow motions of the earth surface. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 143(5), 3–9.



Earth Science