On the issue of thermal destruction of coal matter


  • L.F. Mullagaliyeva Karaganda technical university
  • S.К. Baimukhametov Karaganda technical university
  • V.S. Portnov Karaganda technical university
  • V.М. Yurov Karaganda technical university




coal seam, methane, solid solution, temperature, pressure, crack, pores, molecule


The proposed article provides a model of the thermodynamic properties of coal matter and coal methane. It is shown that methane in the Karaganda coal basin is present mainly in the form of a solid solution. It is necessary to energetically influence the solid solution of coal methane itself and bring it to destruction with the release of methane. It was found that due to the greater number of gas molecules or more volatile substances, the activation energy, on the contrary, decreases. It is shown that the lower the Gibbs energy of the carbohydrate, the lower the activation energy for the decomposition of methane coal. It was found that the activation energy is numerically equal to the molar mass of coal, the expression for which has been recently obtained. The final conclusion is that in order to extract methane from unloaded coal seams, where methane is in a solid solution state, it is necessary to supply energy to the coal seam in order to heat this seam to a temperature of 35ºС, when the methane is free. According to Kazakh researchers, the most effective way to heat coal is a method based on the action of a high-voltage electromagnetic field on a coal seam.



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Муллагалиева, Л. ., Баймухаметов, С. ., Портнов, В. ., & Юров , В. . (2022). On the issue of thermal destruction of coal matter. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 144(1), 57–61. https://doi.org/10.51301/ejsu.2022.i1.09