Creation of efficient technologies processing of man-made raw materials


  • А.А. Ashimova Satbayev University
  • Atac Bascetin Istanbul Technical University
  • А.А. Bek Satbayev University
  • М.B. Nurpeisova Satbayev University
  • Z.А. Yestemesov Central Laboratory for Certification of Building Materials



field development, quarry, mine, processing plant, disturbance, cracks, rock mass collapse, hardening, mining waste, build-ing materials, solutions


Industrial processing of technogenic raw materials (wastes of enrichment and processing, overburden and enclosing rocks, close in composition to natural and used in traditional areas, practically does not differ from industrial processing of natural mineral raw materials. Efficient technologies development for processing of technogenic raw materials, which make it possible to obtain competitive products from it for various industries, is urgent task. Article deals with development of solution compositions for strengthening and hardening quarry slopes. Rock mass hardening in weakened areas is achieved by loading substances into cracks of array, which after hardening and setting of rock, significantly increase its resistance to shear. Loading of reinforcing substance into bulk mass is carried out under pressure, and as hardening material, we consider cement resins, silicates and polymer resins. The most common among hardening methods was cementing of rocks, when working in aquifers rocks, strengthening of unstable and disturbed massifs. With help of strengthening, it is possible to slow down processes of weathering and shedding of rocks, to prevent collapse of ledges and shedding of rocks from slopes surface. Possibility of obtaining solutions for strengthening fractured rocks and building structures has been studied. Study results of wastes of the Akshatau Mining and Processing Plant are presented and possibility of using them for solutions to strengthen fractured rocks is confirmed. Loading of hardening composition into the array is carried out under pressure, and we consider cement solution, silicates and polymer resins as hardening material. The most widespread among hardening methods is cementation during mine workings (underground structures) in fractured rocks. Significance of obtained results for construction industry lies in expansion and reproduction of raw material base of building materials industry through use of MMC waste (concentration tailings) and development of resource-saving technologies.



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Ашимова, А. ., Bascetin, A. ., Бек, А. ., Нурпеисова, М., & Естемесов, З. . (2022). Creation of efficient technologies processing of man-made raw materials . Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 144(1), 37–42.