Exploring the role of machine learning in modern software development


  • A.B. Shokubassov Karaganda technical university




machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, algorithm, neural network, application


Machine learning is applied in many everyday situations, from image recognition to natural language processing, autonomous vehicles, and product recommendation. In the field of science, machine learning is used for medical diagnostics, new materials development, smart farming, DNA classification, and more. This paper explores machine learning technology. Explains what this technology is and its use in the world today. The article also talks about the types of machine learning and what they are. The work of each type is considered in detail: what types of algorithms they use and in what areas they are used. This all emphasizes the features and uniqueness of each of the types. In addition, the article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, as well as the importance and prospects.



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Шокубасов, А. . (2021). Exploring the role of machine learning in modern software development. Engineering Journal of Satbayev University, 143(6), 134–139. https://doi.org/10.51301/vest.su.2021.i6.18



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